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2015 Aerosol Particle Engineering I class


Mid and Final Exam.

The exact date will be determined during the class.


Aerosol Particle Engineering I


Semester: Fall 2015

Professor: Kihong Park (kpark@gist.ac.kr)

Phone: 3279

Office: 106 Samsung Environmental Building, GIST



Aerosol Technology (properties, behavior, and measurement of airborne particles) by Hinds



- Smoke, Dust, and Haze by Friededlander

- Aerosol Measurement by Willeke and Boron

- The Mechanics of Aerosol by Fuchs

- Atmospheric chemistry and physics by Seinfeld and Pandis


Major contents (can be modified)


1. Introduction to basic concepts

2. Kinetic theory of gases

3. Elementary aerosol mechanics

4. Inertial separation of aerosols

5. Particle statistics

6. Brownian Motion and Diffusion

7. Coagulation

8. Evaporation and Condensation

9. Electrical properties

10. Aerosol Sampling and Transport

11. Filtration

12. Application areas of aerosol science and particle technology

-Atmospheric aerosols/climate effects, health effects of aerosols.



Homework 10%

Quiz 20%

Mid Exam 30%

Final Exam 40%



A random 10-20 min quiz will be given in class.


Mid and Final Exam.

The exact date will be determined during the class.


*Supplementary lecture notes may be provided during the class


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